All things framing...

Custom framing is evolving and we are the new generation of Picture Framers. 

Meticulous eyes for detail and highest quality combined with gratitude and customer service often unseen nowadays. We believe in clean and elegant lines and making your items the centre of attention. Our experience is vast and all our work is done in-house to maintain high standards and extraordinary outcomes. In an industry full of subcontracting and shortcuts, we are open and authentic. Your items are valuable to you and therefore us, so we take great care of them. 

Custom Framing

Prints, photos, posters

and certificates

Canvas Stretching and Float Frames

In-house stretching and float frame fitting


Artefacts, sports, achievments and heirlooms

Repairs and Restorations

Glass, matboards/mounts, reframing and damaged artworks


Information, advice, support, exhbition and gallery soloutions

Corporate Framing

Consulting, advice and quantity


Consulting, advice and quantity

Hanging and Installation

Contact details of local installers

Philosophy behind framing:

Why do you need a friendly and enthusiastic Custom Framer…?


We are social creatures. We take pride in appearances and outwardly display who we are.

We love preparing our nests... owning our space... personalising our surroundings. When we were young, we put stickers on our possessions, modified our schoolbook covers and schoolbags and hung posters in our bedrooms to show the world who we were. As we become adults, we are more sophisticated, buying items big and small that reflect our personalities. We select dial tones and jewellery that differentiates. We personalise our work spaces with family photos, sporting posters, mugs and calendars.


We also personalise our homes...

We choose textures, colours and furnishings that resonate with us. 


And we display “stuff” ...  All sorts of “stuff” ...  Art, photos, prints, artefacts, memorabilia... Sophisticated, fun, tribal, beautiful, memories, family, experiences... 


A friendly Custom Framer helps you display your items and personalise your space. Children use sticky tape and ‘blu tack’. Adults use beautiful frames. Custom Framing when done well is proportional and balanced. It puts your personality on display, making your art and memories look spectacular. We all try home-made and DIY framing but it always looks cheap and shabby. Custom framing is precise and hand made. It is bespoke and should match your tastes and your space.

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