Frequently Asked Questions

Do you replace broken glass?

Yes. We open up and clean up everything. Then we cut new glass in-house and re-fit everything.

Do you repair broken frames?

Yes, depending on the damage.. and if it is repairable. We need to assess it visually, then we can offer up possible options.


Dated Frames. Can we have our artwork reframed?

Yes. We find this is becoming very common. Decors and fashions change. You will be surprised at the difference a new frame (and matboards) can make. 


I don’t know if this is worth getting framed?

Just ask us. We are here to help. We can put together a quote very easily and the choice is yours. Remember.. We rate ourselves as “The World’s Friendliest Framers”. Click here for contact us.


Turn-around times?

Usually 10-14 days. There are 2000+ mouldings available. Too many to hold as stock, so they are bought in as ordered. Manufacturing and fitting come after. Talk to us if a rush job is needed. We cannot promise but we can always try.


Do you print photos?

No. Digital, Giclee, Art prints, Photo developing? One machine does not do everything. We think that a specialist should look after printing. Ask us and we can offer some guidance.


Do you hang artwork?

No. There are local and experienced Installers and Hangers that have vehicles full of fixings who do this professionally. Click here for contact details.



Yes. Click here for examples. 


Can you quote online (email)?

Yes. We will give it a go, but it is always best to come in to the shop.

We understand that everyone is busy and finding the time is hard. COVID-19 prevents us from moving around as well. Send through as much information as possible and we can give you a ballpark cost. We can refine the numbers as we go.


Do you carry Ready-made frames?

No. We make frames to fit the artwork and then fit the artwork using traditional hinging methods. 

Ready-made frames are available at Ikea/Spotlight/Officeworks/Kmart/Foto First(Church Street Brighton).

Australian made, high quality frames are available at Frames Readymade in East Brunswick.


Why is Custom Framing so expensive?

Everything is handmade and bespoke. Frames are cut to sizes, joined and then glass and backs are cut to match. Finally, the artwork is installed using acid free techniques. Labour and high-quality products make up the largest part of Custom Framing costs.

Can you fit a hanging wire to my frame?

Yes. But it depends on the frame. Some frames are not strong enough or designed to take a hanging wire. Bring it in.

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