Art for Sale!

We love framing “stuff that we like”. This is what we have for sale! 

We are not an Art Gallery. There isn’t a lot and it is eclectic.

It isn’t cookie-cutter mass-produced wall art in cheap frames that you find everywhere.

It is art and prints that we have sourced and framed in-house. 

Like what you see? Any questions? Get in touch!

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Art Consultancy Service:

We know that art choices and hanging is complicated. That is the beauty of art. If there was a formula then everything would be the same


Sometimes you want someone to walk through your home with you. To bounce ideas and inspire you. We have access to that person. Katie McKinnon is a vibrant yet disarming Art Consultant. A stand-alone working artist with a large loyal following who has worked alongside many Melbourne and Bayside Interior Designers. She understands what is current, what makes a family home and listens to what makes you happy. She can discuss original art and current trends through to family gallery walls and precious pieces that hold importance. Non-judgemental with a rock-solid understanding of Custom Framing allowing art that you hold dearly to your heart to be assessed and re-framed to fit in with your home.


Katie typically walks through your home and collaborates with you on all your art needs then collates all that information and writes up a detailed report. This can put you at ease and allow you to explore options on your own. Or you may choose to discuss out options and explore exciting possibilities further with her guiding you along the way. 

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